Wahoo Fitness API  3.6.1
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1 //
2 // WFBloodPressureData.h
3 // WFConnector
4 //
5 // Created by Michael Moore on 2/17/12.
6 // Copyright (c) 2012 Wahoo Fitness. All rights reserved.
7 //
9 #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
10 #import <WFConnector/WFSensorData.h>
11 #import <WFConnector/wf_btle_types.h>
14 @class WFBTLECommonData;
25 {
30  float systolic;
31  float diastolic;
33  float heartRate;
34  NSTimeInterval timestamp;
35  UCHAR userId;
37  WFBTLEBPStatus_t stStatus;
40  float cuffPressure;
43 }
47 @property (nonatomic, retain) WFBTLECommonData* btleCommonData;
49 @property (nonatomic, assign) float systolic;
51 @property (nonatomic, assign) float diastolic;
53 @property (nonatomic, assign) float meanArterialPressure;
55 @property (nonatomic, assign) float heartRate;
57 @property (nonatomic, assign) NSTimeInterval timestamp;
59 @property (nonatomic, assign) UCHAR userId;
65 @property (nonatomic, readonly) BOOL isStatusPresent;
74 @property (nonatomic, readonly) WFBTLEBPStatus_t* pstStatus;
81 @property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL isMeasurementInProgress;
88 @property (nonatomic, assign) float cuffPressure;
102 - (id)initWithTime:(NSTimeInterval)dataTime hasStatus:(BOOL)bStatus;
105 @end
This is the abstract base class for all types of ANT sensor data.
Definition: WFSensorData.h:18
NSTimeInterval timestamp
Gets the timestamp of the measurement.
Definition: WFBloodPressureData.h:57
BOOL isMeasurementInProgress
Gets a boolean value indicating whether a measurement is currently in progress.
Definition: WFBloodPressureData.h:81
float diastolic
Gets the diastolic pressure, measured in mmHg.
Definition: WFBloodPressureData.h:51
float cuffPressure
Gets the current cuff pressure, measured in mmHg.
Definition: WFBloodPressureData.h:88
Represents the metadata for the sensor, available from most BTLE sensors.
Definition: WFBTLECommonData.h:17
float systolic
Gets the systolic pressure, measured in mmHg.
Definition: WFBloodPressureData.h:49
signed char BOOL
Definition: types.h:110
UCHAR userId
Gets the user ID for which the measurement was taken.
Definition: WFBloodPressureData.h:59
unsigned char UCHAR
Definition: types.h:118
BOOL isStatusPresent
Gets a boolean value indicating whether the status value is present.
Definition: WFBloodPressureData.h:65
float meanArterialPressure
Gets the mean arterial pressure, measured in mmHg.
Definition: WFBloodPressureData.h:53
WFBTLECommonData * btleCommonData
Gets the metadata for the BTLE device.
Definition: WFBloodPressureData.h:47
float heartRate
Gets the pulse rate, measured in beats per minute.
Definition: WFBloodPressureData.h:55
Represents the status reported by the Blood Pressure Monitor.
Definition: wf_btle_types.h:424
Represents the data available from the BTLE Blood Pressure sensor.
Definition: WFBloodPressureData.h:24