Wahoo Fitness API  3.6.1
Documentation for the iPhone version of the Wahoo Fitness API.
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1 //
2 // WFFitSettingsFileData.h
3 // WFConnector
4 //
5 // Created by Michael Moore on 6/3/11.
6 // Copyright 2011 Wahoo Fitness. All rights reserved.
7 //
9 #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
10 #import <WFConnector/WFFitMesgFileId.h>
11 #import <WFConnector/WFFitMesgDeviceSettings.h>
12 #import <WFConnector/WFFitMesgUserProfile.h>
13 #import <WFConnector/WFFitMesgHRMProfile.h>
19 @interface WFFitSettingsFileData : NSObject
20 {
25 }
29 @property (nonatomic, retain) WFFitMesgFileId* fileIdMesg;
31 @property (nonatomic, retain) WFFitMesgDeviceSettings* deviceSettingsMesg;
33 @property (nonatomic, retain) WFFitMesgUserProfile* userProfileMesg;
35 @property (nonatomic, retain) WFFitMesgHRMProfile* hrmProfileMesg;
37 @end
Represents the HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) Profile record from a FIT file.
Definition: WFFitMesgHRMProfile.h:16
WFFitMesgUserProfile * userProfileMesg
User profile data.
Definition: WFFitSettingsFileData.h:23
Represents the User Profile record from a FIT file.
Definition: WFFitMesgUserProfile.h:16
WFFitMesgDeviceSettings * deviceSettingsMesg
Gets the Device settings data.
Definition: WFFitSettingsFileData.h:22
WFFitMesgFileId * fileIdMesg
Gets the File ID data (contains FIT file metadata).
Definition: WFFitSettingsFileData.h:21
WFFitMesgHRMProfile * hrmProfileMesg
Gets the Heart rate monitor profile data.
Definition: WFFitSettingsFileData.h:24
Represents a device settings record from a fitness device FIT file.
Definition: WFFitMesgDeviceSettings.h:16
Represents the data from a FIT settings file.
Definition: WFFitSettingsFileData.h:19
Represents the File ID record from a FIT file.
Definition: WFFitMesgFileId.h:16