Wahoo Fitness API  3.6.1
Documentation for the iPhone version of the Wahoo Fitness API.
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1 //
2 // WFGlucoseData.h
3 // WFConnector
4 //
5 // Created by Michael Moore on 2/23/12.
6 // Copyright (c) 2012 Wahoo Fitness. All rights reserved.
7 //
9 #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
10 #import <WFConnector/WFSensorData.h>
11 #import <WFConnector/wf_glucose_types.h>
14 @class WFCommonData;
25 {
31  NSDate* timestamp;
35  NSDate* currentDeviceTime;
43 }
49 @property (nonatomic, readonly) WFCommonData* commonData;
52 @property (nonatomic, assign) WFGlucoseStatus_t status;
54 @property (nonatomic, retain) NSDate* timestamp;
56 @property (nonatomic, assign) USHORT usConcentration;
58 @property (nonatomic, assign) WFGlucoseChangeRate_t rateOfChange;
66 @property (nonatomic, retain) NSDate* currentDeviceTime;
68 @property (nonatomic, assign) ULONG ulElapsedTime;
70 @property (nonatomic, assign) WFGlucoseRateAlertLevel_t risingAlertLevel;
72 @property (nonatomic, assign) WFGlucoseRateAlertLevel_t fallingAlertLevel;
74 @property (nonatomic, assign) USHORT usHighAlertLevel;
76 @property (nonatomic, assign) USHORT usLowAlertLevel;
78 @end
This is the abstract base class for all types of ANT sensor data.
Definition: WFSensorData.h:18
Describes the glucose level change alert level.
Definition: wf_glucose_types.h:75
NSDate * timestamp
Gets the timestamp for the glucose data.
Definition: WFGlucoseData.h:54
Describes the rate of change in the glucose level.
Definition: wf_glucose_types.h:53
WFGlucoseChangeRate_t rateOfChange
Gets the current rate of change in the glucose level.
Definition: WFGlucoseData.h:58
WFGlucoseRateAlertLevel_t fallingAlertLevel
Gets the falling level rate at which the device is currently set to alert.
Definition: WFGlucoseData.h:72
WFGlucoseRateAlertLevel_t risingAlertLevel
Gets the rising level rate at which the device is currently set to alert.
Definition: WFGlucoseData.h:70
USHORT usLowAlertLevel
Gets the low glucose level at which the device is currently set to alert.
Definition: WFGlucoseData.h:76
USHORT usConcentration
Gets the concentration, measured in mg/dL.
Definition: WFGlucoseData.h:56
unsigned short USHORT
Definition: types.h:121
USHORT usHighAlertLevel
Gets the high glucose level at which the device is currently set to alert.
Definition: WFGlucoseData.h:74
Represents the metadata for the sensor, available from most ANT+ sensors.
Definition: WFCommonData.h:39
ULONG ulElapsedTime
Gets the number of seconds since the Sensor Term was started or initialized.
Definition: WFGlucoseData.h:68
WFCommonData * commonData
Common sensor data, provides information about the sensor.
Definition: WFGlucoseData.h:49
Represents the most commonly used data available from the ANT+ Glucose Monitor sensor.
Definition: WFGlucoseData.h:24
unsigned long ULONG
Definition: types.h:133
NSDate * currentDeviceTime
Gets the current time, as reported by the glucose device.
Definition: WFGlucoseData.h:66
Represents the status flags for the Glucose Monitor sensor.
Definition: wf_glucose_types.h:25
WFGlucoseStatus_t status
Gets the glucose device status.
Definition: WFGlucoseData.h:52