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Documentation for the iPhone version of the Wahoo Fitness API.
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WFWahooMotionAnalysisCalibrator.h File Reference
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <WFConnector/WFSensorConnection.h>
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class  WFWahooMotionAnalysisCalibrator
 The base class for all Wahoo Motion Analysis Calibrators. More...


typedef NS_ENUM (NSInteger, WFWahooMotionAnalysisCalibratorState_t)
typedef NS_ENUM (NSInteger, WFWahooMotionAnalysisCalibratorWorkingStatus_t)
typedef NS_ENUM (NSUInteger, WFWahooMotionAnalysisCalibratorError)


NSString *const WFWahooMotionAnalysisCalibratorErrorDomain
 Error domain for WFWahooMotionAnalysisCalibrator errors. More...

Function Documentation

typedef NS_ENUM ( NSInteger  ,
typedef NS_ENUM ( NSInteger  ,
typedef NS_ENUM ( NSUInteger  ,

< No error has occured.

< The operation is not permitted in the current calibrator state.

< A supplied parameter is invalid.

< The device for calibration (sensor connection) has timed out.

< The device responded with an unexpected error.

< Required data source is unavailable or missing.

< The calibration has timed out.

< The user did display unexpected behavior.

< No calibration profile could be resolved for the data

Variable Documentation

NSString* const WFWahooMotionAnalysisCalibratorErrorDomain

Error domain for WFWahooMotionAnalysisCalibrator errors.