Wahoo Fitness API  3.6.1
Documentation for the iPhone version of the Wahoo Fitness API.
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WFAntFSClientParams_t Struct Reference

ANT-FS Client Parameters. More...

#include <wf_antfs_types.h>

Public Attributes

BOOL bDataAvailable
 Data is available/not available for download. More...
BOOL bPairingEnabled
 Pairing is enabled/disabled. More...
BOOL bUploadEnabled
 Upload is enabled/disabled. More...
UCHAR ucAuthType
 Authentication type to include in beacon. More...
UCHAR ucBeaconFrequency
 Link Radio Frequency. More...
UCHAR ucBeaconTimeout
 In seconds. More...
UCHAR ucLinkPeriod
 Link Channel Period. More...
UCHAR ucPairingTimeout
 In seconds. More...
ULONG ulSerialNumber
 Client serial number. More...
USHORT usBeaconDeviceManufID
 Client manufacturing ID (in beacon). More...
USHORT usBeaconDeviceType
 Client device type (in beacon). More...

Detailed Description

ANT-FS Client Parameters.

Member Data Documentation

BOOL WFAntFSClientParams_t::bDataAvailable

Data is available/not available for download.

BOOL WFAntFSClientParams_t::bPairingEnabled

Pairing is enabled/disabled.

BOOL WFAntFSClientParams_t::bUploadEnabled

Upload is enabled/disabled.

UCHAR WFAntFSClientParams_t::ucAuthType

Authentication type to include in beacon.

UCHAR WFAntFSClientParams_t::ucBeaconFrequency

Link Radio Frequency.

UCHAR WFAntFSClientParams_t::ucBeaconTimeout

In seconds.

Timeout disabled = 0xFF.

UCHAR WFAntFSClientParams_t::ucLinkPeriod

Link Channel Period.

UCHAR WFAntFSClientParams_t::ucPairingTimeout

In seconds.

Timeout disabled = 0xFF.

ULONG WFAntFSClientParams_t::ulSerialNumber

Client serial number.

Set to zero to use the serial number of the USB device.

USHORT WFAntFSClientParams_t::usBeaconDeviceManufID

Client manufacturing ID (in beacon).

USHORT WFAntFSClientParams_t::usBeaconDeviceType

Client device type (in beacon).