Wahoo Fitness API  3.6.1
Documentation for the iPhone version of the Wahoo Fitness API.
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WFBTLEGlucoseDeviceFeatures_t Struct Reference

Describes available features of a BTLE Glucose Monitor device. More...

#include <wf_btle_types.h>

Public Attributes

BOOL bGeneralDeviceFault
 Supports general device fault. More...
BOOL bLowBatteryDetect
 Can detect low battery condition. More...
BOOL bMultipleBond
 Supports multiple bond. More...
BOOL bReadInterruptDetect
 Can detect read interrupt. More...
BOOL bResultHighLowDetect
 Can detect high or low result. More...
BOOL bSampleSize
 Supports sample size. More...
BOOL bSensorMalfunctionDetect
 Can detect sensor malfunction. More...
BOOL bStripInsertErrorDetect
 Can detect strip insertion error. More...
BOOL bStripTypeErrorDetect
 Can detect strip type error. More...
BOOL bTempHighLowDetect
 Can detect high or low sensor temperature. More...
BOOL bTimeFault
 Supports time fault. More...

Detailed Description

Describes available features of a BTLE Glucose Monitor device.

Member Data Documentation

BOOL WFBTLEGlucoseDeviceFeatures_t::bGeneralDeviceFault

Supports general device fault.

BOOL WFBTLEGlucoseDeviceFeatures_t::bLowBatteryDetect

Can detect low battery condition.

BOOL WFBTLEGlucoseDeviceFeatures_t::bMultipleBond

Supports multiple bond.

BOOL WFBTLEGlucoseDeviceFeatures_t::bReadInterruptDetect

Can detect read interrupt.

BOOL WFBTLEGlucoseDeviceFeatures_t::bResultHighLowDetect

Can detect high or low result.

BOOL WFBTLEGlucoseDeviceFeatures_t::bSampleSize

Supports sample size.

BOOL WFBTLEGlucoseDeviceFeatures_t::bSensorMalfunctionDetect

Can detect sensor malfunction.

BOOL WFBTLEGlucoseDeviceFeatures_t::bStripInsertErrorDetect

Can detect strip insertion error.

BOOL WFBTLEGlucoseDeviceFeatures_t::bStripTypeErrorDetect

Can detect strip type error.

BOOL WFBTLEGlucoseDeviceFeatures_t::bTempHighLowDetect

Can detect high or low sensor temperature.

BOOL WFBTLEGlucoseDeviceFeatures_t::bTimeFault

Supports time fault.