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Wahoo Fitness API Documentation

Version 2.0.b7
Michael Moore

Welcome to the Wahoo Fitness Android API Documentation. The primary class of the API is the WFHardwareConnector. It provides a bridge between the application and the underlying ANT hardware. The WFHardwareConnector enables the developer to configure the ANT hardware and retrieve data from available ANT+ sensors.

For example usage, please review the Wahoo Demo application, available from Wahoo Fitness. This application demonstrates the basic configuration and usage of the WFHardwareConnector.

The WF Android API is currently in early beta. The implemented functionality is stable at this point. However, there are undoubtedly bugs to be fixed and issues to be addressed. The HRM, SDM and CBSC ANT+ profiles have been implemented. The API is known to run on Sony Ericsson devices with the DSI ANT Radio Service v1.0 installed.

Wahoo Fitness API v2.0.b7 Release Notes

Change Log

Wahoo Fitness API v2.0.b6 Release Notes

Change Log

  • Added Bike Speed profile.
  • Added Bike Cadence profile.

Wahoo Fitness API v2.0.b5 Release Notes

Change Log

  • Added Bike Power profile.
  • Added Bike Power calibration dialog to the Wahoo Demo app.
  • Bug fixes.

Wahoo Fitness API v2.0.b4 Release Notes

Change Log

  • Added data formatting methods.
  • Added WFDisplaySettings
  • Added settings menu to Wahoo Demo app.
  • Added speed and distance calculations to the CBSC profile.
  • Bug fixes.

Wahoo Fitness API v2.0.b3 Release Notes

Change Log

  • Added SDM profile.
  • Added state saving methods.
  • Bug fixes.